How to wear a fascinator in 2023

how to wear a fascinator australia

Our favourite time of year is once again here- Spring Racing Season! You know we love dressing up at Olga Berg and the racing carnival is when we can go all out, kick on our heels and wear an elaborate fascinator. It’s been a long time between opportunities for dressing up though so we thought we would go back to basics and talk about how to wear a fascinator no matter your hair type. Keep reading to find out!  

What is a fascinator? 

Taking it right back to basics, a fascinator is a formal headpiece traditionally worn to the races. There is a wide variety of styles and they can include feathers, beads, lace, flowers, crystals, jewels and more. Ranging from subtle barely there headpieces to ornate, you can find the perfect one for you at Olga Berg. 

Why wear a fascinator?

Fascinators came into fashion during the 1980s in the United Kingdom, however, the origins can be traced back a lot longer than that. Throughout history and all cultures, women have decorated their hair. One of the first fascinators as we might know it, is said to be that of Marie Antoinette during the 1770s when she placed feathers in her chignon hairstyle. During the 19th century, they were made of knitted fabrics, until celebrity milliners created what we know (and love) as the modern fascinator. Traditionally worn by the upper class society, today wearing a fascinator is a popular way to dress up for weddings, formal events or the races. 

Which side to wear a fascinator? 

It might not come to mind straight away, but did you know there’s actually an etiquette to which side of your head you wear your fascinator? Traditionally, it needs to be worn on the right hand side. Historically, when a gentleman was walking with a lady he would walk on the left hand side so if the fascinator was worn on the right, it wouldn’t block his view or the conversation. Make sure to also wear your fascinator with the details facing the front and not towards the back otherwise they won’t be seen. 

How to wear a fascinator in 2023

Follow our step by step guide to wearing your millinery like a pro no matter whether you have short or long hair. 

How to wear a fascinator with short hair?

april daisy headband

Generally, if you have shorter hair then a smaller fascinator will work well with your look. You want something that won’t completely take over your hair but complement your total outfit. Fascinators on clips can also work really well as they tend to be smaller. 

Best Fascinators for short hair: 

How to wear a fascinator with long hair? 

lolita headband

For our longer haired ladies, you can safely opt for a big and bold fascinator. The best way to keep your millinery looking elegant is to style your hair into an up-do and attach your fascinator around the bun. You can also experiment with other up-do styles like ponytails and plaits. 

Best Fascinators for long hair: 

How to wear a fascinator with hair down? 

trianna headband

Short haired ladies will likely be wearing their hair down depending on the length, but it’s also an option if you have longer hair. We like to work with a less is more approach if you’re wearing your hair down to keep your style looking neat and elegant. 

Best Fascinators for hair down: 

How to wear a fascinator on fine hair? 


Styling fine hair can sometimes be a challenge, but actually it’s super easy to make a fascinator work for fine hair! Ideally, it’s best to avoid clips or combs as they can easily fall out of fine hair. Instead, the best headpiece to opt for is a headband style which is easy to wear and will stay in place all day long. 

Best Fascinators for fine hair: 

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