7 Best Faux Leather Bags to Get your Hands on in 2024

Whether you're ditching the leather for ethical reasons, aesthetic ones, or simply because of the cost, Olga Berg is here to keep you in style. Faux leather bags have been trending for a while now, and we've got the best to choose from. Keep reading to find out our must-have vegan bags for 2024 now. 

faux leather bag

Why choose a faux leather bag?

Vegan leather bags have become synonymous with style for several compelling reasons. Firsly, their cruelty-free nature makes them a fashionable and compassionate choice and a must for vegans. Faux leather also offers remarkable versatility, allowing for a wide range of designs, colors, and textures that can mimic genuine leather or showcase unique, eye-catching patterns. Moreover, faux leather bags tend to be more affordable than their genuine counterparts, making them accessible to a broader audience while still maintaining a high level of style.

How to choose the best vegan handbag?

  • Purpose: Determine the primary use of the bag – whether it's for work, travel, everyday use, or special occasions – as this will influence the size, shape, and features you require.
  • Material Quality: Assess the quality of the faux leather. Look for a bag with a realistic texture and finish that closely resembles genuine leather. High-quality faux leather is not only more stylish but also more durable.
  • Design and Style: Choose a design that complements your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic tote, a sleek crossbody, or a trendy backpack, make sure the bag reflects your fashion preferences.
  • Color: Consider a color that matches your wardrobe and suits various outfits. Neutral tones like black, brown, or beige are versatile choices, while bold colors or patterns can add a pop of personality.
  • Size and Capacity: Ensure the bag has sufficient space to accommodate your daily essentials. Check for pockets and compartments to help with organization.

The 7 Best Faux Leather Bags in 2024

1. Millie Crochet Bag

millie bag

Made using vegan leather, this is a sophisticated statement piece that adds an elegant touch to any outfit. This luxurious bag features a bold crocheted front face and a shoulder chain for hands-free day to evening wear. With ample room for all your essentials, this bag is sure to be the perfect companion for your next lunch, wedding, race, or polo event.

2. Wendy Acrylic Bead Bag

wendy bag

Add some polish to your day and night time looks with the super cute WENDY Beaded Handle Purse. This stunningly minimal bag has plenty of room inside for a large smartphone, sunglasses and makeup essentials and includes a removable shoulder strap so you can switch to hands free at a moments' notice.

3. Quinn Woven Clutch

quinn clutch

The QUINN Woven Clutch is the perfect accessory to elevate any style. Crafted from premium vegan leather and hand woven, this roomy black clutch will bring a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Includes a shoulder chain and an additional chain handle that tucks inside or completely detaches when not in use.

4. Abigail Pearl Handle Bag

abigail bag

The ABIGAIL Pink Bag with Pearl Handle is an exquisite statement piece. The oval shaped hard case is finished in vegan leather which features a pearlised effect, with a pearl handle and closure, creating a sophisticated and timeless look. This bag also includes a removable shoulder chain.

5. Tori Wicker Box Bag

tori bag

The TORI Wicker Top Handle Bag is reminiscent of a vintage suitcase but features elements that take it beyond the 21st century. Clip on its removable shoulder strap to turn this cute top handle into a chic shoulder bag. The perfect bag to take you from breakfast to bar.

6. Livvy Feather Pouch

livvy feather bag

The LIVVY embellished pouch is an elegant evening bag featuring an intricate blend of feathers, crystals, and hotfix accents sewn onto a luxe matte satin base. The drawstring closure and two convenient chains of different lengths make it easy to take you from day to night. This hot pink feather purse is perfect for all your evening and Red Carpet looks.

7. Giselle Woven Shoulder Bag

giselle bag

The GISELLE Woven Shoulder Bag is the luxe choice for your day to evening wardrobe. Hand-woven from vegan leather with a soft construction, this green vegan bag comes with a chunky chain handle and includes an internal, zippered pouch for added security. Its generous interior ensures all your event essentials have plenty of space. Perfectly stylish and practical.

Ready to choose your own faux leather bag? Perfect for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, vegan bags remain chic and timeless accessories for seasons to come. Overall, the combination of ethical appeal, aesthetic flexibility, affordability, and durability makes faux leather bags a stylish and responsible choice.