Flower Headbands

Heading to the races? Looking for an elegant headpiece for a wedding or formal event? Discover our collection of beautiful flower headbands at Olga Berg. We have a wide variety of headbands and fascinators perfect to suit any outfit and complete your hairstyle. Find your new flower headband here now.

Flower Headband

White flower headband

Google flower headbands and we’re sure you’ll quickly find out that white flowers are one of the most popular styles searched for. White tends to go with every outfit so it’s a great choice if you’re hoping to get more than a few wears out of your headpiece. Try theRoberta Lace Headband for a simple and elegant white floral piece. Prefer a little sparkle? ThenFinley is your girl!

Black flower headband

No surprises that the next most popular colour is black. Monochrome is forever on trend and is always a great purchase as it’s guaranteed to go with your entire wardrobe. We have a wide variety of black floral headbands to choose from that are sure to start a conversation. We love theDuchess headband to add some height to your hairstyle and it is a customer fave for racing season each year. Alternatively, theSoph flower crown is for the woman who can’t choose between flowers, pearls and crystals. Go on, take them all!

Red flower headband

Looking for a headpiece that will draw attention to you? Go for red! If you want to keep it slightly understated, we like theAmara headband. She’s daring thanks to the red colour but her design is still very elegant with detailed enamel flowers. For those that want to make more of a memorable splash, you can’t go pastAriel with large lace roses.

Gold flower headband

In a stunning mix of gold, silver and whites a gold flower headband is perfect for a wedding. We love theAlexa Enamel Crown if this sounds like yoru jam. Enchanting and romantic, Alexa has a whimsical charm and luxe finishings. Featuring beautifully detailed gold and blush enamel flowers with pearl and crystal centers, surrounded by stems of crystals and pearls, all hand twisted and arranged with gold jewellery wire. For a little more flower action,Soph is your girl.

Blue flower headband

A little more of an unusual choice, why not try a blue floral headband? We have a mix of electric blues and more subtle navy to choose from. Consider theDelaney headband in electric blue for a mesmerizing effect or try theAriel Lace in navy for a little more drama and height to your outfit.

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