Three Essential Bridal Accessories for a Memorable Wedding Ensemble

Choosing the right accessories in your day to day life can make or break an outfit, but the decision is even more important on your wedding day. The perfect headband, veil, clutch or pod can bring your bridal look together to ensure that the bride and bridesmaids alike create an unforgettable style.

Clutches and Pods

Olga Berg Bridal Clutches and Bags

Every bride and bridesmaid needs a practical yet stylish clutch or pod to transport that lipstick for touch ups or carry those essential emergency bobby pins. A clutch also provides another perfect opportunity to bring in a dash of colour as a big and bold statement.

Personalisation of accessories can create a keepsake from your wedding celebration. Olga Berg can provide pod monogramming with your initials for that personalised touch. Signature initial clasps also serve as a wonderful souvenir.

Olga Berg's square, octagonal and oval shaped geometric pods create an elegant look, whereas fringed pods are the epitome of luxury. Whether you're after that understated style with neutral tones or elegant blacks, or something more dramatic with gold and bling, our latest wedding accessory collection includes pieces to suit your bridal look.


From bohemian, dainty lace creation to bold and sparkly statement pieces, there is a headband out there for all tastes, coming in an array of style options for all budget types. Halos, wreaths or scarves are a comfortable and hassle-free accessory for any bride. If the bride has chosen bold earrings or necklaces, a headband is a good option to create that contrast and equilibrium.

Headbands can be used along with veils or any wedding hairstyle to compliment and balance the wedding dress or serve as a focal point for the outfit.

Bridal Crowns by Olga Berg


Olga Berg Bridal Veils

The veil is the typical icon of wedding fashion. Like the timeless headband, the veil is a versatile accessory for your special day. Modern or classic, long and flowing, or simply cropped or fringed with a modest floral detail, veils convey an air of mystique and grace. 

The veil can sit back on the head to frame the blushing bride's face or alternatively rest over the face, always in anticipation of a dramatic unveiling to maintain that feel of a romantic and dreamy wedding.

Recreate your favourite Hollywood or royal wedding  charm with an inspired veil.