After a winter of hibernation, the sun has finally emerged, which can only mean it’s time to don your best millinery for the spring racing season. Whether you’re a trackside veteran or a first timer, we’ve compiled our tips and tricks for getting through this racing season in style!

Let’s face it, no matter what shoes you wear, after so many hours they’re going to hurt. But if there is one day to push through the pain, it’s the spring races. Here at Olga Berg, it’s no secret that we love a stiletto. So, even if it means walking on the balls of our feet all day, we’re still choosing them. If you too can’t go past the classic heel, then opt for a pair with some straps to keep you stable while crossing the fields. Plus, slipping a soft insert into your favourite pair of pumps will do wonders!

From left to right: Tony Bianco Carey Skin Capretto, Senso Ureeka III, Valentino Rock Stud Heel

Hot Tip: Break in your shoes before the big day and bring your favourite pair of flats to swap into for the ride home, or after party.

The races are a whole day affair, so you’ll need to pack the essentials. Choose a bag that’s big enough to hold what you’ll need, but small enough to not be a hassle. A clutch with a detachable chain is the perfect option. Hide the chain inside for those pre-race pictures, and then sling it over your shoulder once the main event starts!

From left to right: KARA Zigzag Clutch, PAIGE Raffia Clutch, TRACER Emboss Clutch

Hot Tip: Pop some Panadol in your clutch. It does wonders after a few champagnes and helps if your feet hurt!

There is something classic about wearing a hat to the races, until you get into the practicalities of it. Hats move with every gust of wind, and are easily knocked off in a crowd, leaving your hair a mess by the end of the day. Going for a chic headband is a fail proof option that will instantly elevate your look. Wear it with your hair down in some loose curls or pulled back to hold everything in place.

From left to right: NADIA Leaf Lace Fascinator, STEPHANIE Sinamay Fascinator, Love Leaf and Pearl Headband

Hot Tip: Bobby pins, bobby pins, bobby pins. Throw some extra in your clutch just in case you need to make a quick adjustment.

The races are a formal affair, this means nothing too short and definitely no rips, even if it is designer! Different events have different guidelines, so it’s good to do some research before finalising your look and remember it’s NOT a nightclub. Derby Day has a strict black and white policy, while Crown Oaks is all about soft feminine style. The day to pull out all the stops is the Lexus Melbourne Cup, here’s what we’re currently coveting…


From left to right: Alice McCall Floating Delicately Dress,Talulah Femme Flounce Mini, Toni Maticevski Engagement Bodice & Ruffle Skirt

Hot Tip: Beware of over accessorising, in the case of the races, sometimes less can be more and one more thing… always pop some sunscreen on under your foundation!

Spring Racing may come with some rules, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible time celebrating the sport, and of course, the fashion!