How to Style a White Bag in 2024

style a white purse

Looking for a new event handbag that says elevated, clean, and on-trend all at the same time? Its time we let you in on a secret... a white bag is our 2024 must-have! It takes a little confidence to wear white, so we've put together this style guide to give you ideas on how to seamlessly integrate it into your wardrobe and pair with your favourite outfits. 

Why you should add a white bag to your wardrobe?

There are so many reasons to add a white bag to your wardrobe. They're crisp, clean, elegant and once you know a few style tips, they become so easy to wear. If you're trying to amp up the luxe factor of your outfit, the good news is that a white bag can look effortlessly expensive too. 

How to wear white bag 

Here our some style ideas to get you started if you want to take the plunge but aren't quite sure how to style a white purse.

1. All white monochrome look: Whether its an all-white mini or maxi dress, or a cute white playsuit, make heads turn with a pretty white purse. You can play with different textures in your clothing to break up the all-white look too - try fringing, lace or beading too for something different. 

2. Nearly all white: The twist here is to use a feature colour like a navy or red belt and shoes and keep everything else white for a real pop! 

3. Polka dots: Keep things simple with a black and white polka dot dress and a crisp, elegant white shoulder bag. Chic, stylish and a little French if we dare say.

4. Colourful Dress: The trick here is to find a brightly patterned dress but with a white background! This way your bag will suit your outfit and doesn't risk blending in too much to your dress. 

How to wear a white bag in winter?

Styling a white bag for winter can be a fun and creative challenge. Here are a few tips to help you style your white bag for the winter season:

  1. Pair it with dark colours: Since white is a bright colour, it can easily stand out when paired with dark colours such as black, navy, and deep burgundy. A white bag can add a pop of contrast to an otherwise dark winter outfit.

  2. Add texture: To make your white bag more appropriate for the winter season, choose one that has some texture or detail to it. A white leather bag with a crocodile texture or a white bag with fur or faux fur trim can add some warmth and interest to your winter look.

  3. Choose winter-friendly materials: While a white canvas or linen bag may be perfect for summer, it may not be the best choice for winter. Instead, choose a white bag made from winter-friendly materials such as leather or suede.

  4. Mix and match with winter accessories: You can also style your white bag for winter by mixing and matching it with other winter accessories such as scarves, hats, and gloves. For example, a white bag paired with a black scarf and gloves can create a chic and stylish winter look.

5 Best White Bags for 2024

Inspired to try a white bag for your next party or special event this year? Here are 5 of our favourite bags to take on a night on the town!

1. Peta Pearl Handle Bag

peta pearl bag

This is our new fave for 2024 brides! It features a pearl bead top handle which contrasts beautifully with the structured body. Theres a ton of room for all your essentials, plus a removable shoulder chain so you can switch to hands free at a moment's notice.

2. Queenie Gathered White Clutch

QUEENIE Gathered Woven Clutch - Olga Berg

This screams summer soiree and we're totally here for it! This cute bag is soft and roomy and perfect for all those summer events when you need to carry a little bit extra with you. Versatile, oversized yet elegant, this bag will take you from beach to bar and back again.

3. Danni Satin Clutch

danni clutch

Whether you're heading to the races, a wedding, red carpet event, or drinks with the girlfriends, this is the bag of 2024! Make a statement with this gorgeous ivory clutch combines timeless elegance with modern bridal chic.

4. Penny Feather Framed Bag

penny bag

If you like to have fun, this is the bag for you! Walk on the wild side with the stunning PENNY White Feather Bag. Showcasing layers of floaty feathers, this conversation-starter is perfect to wear with bridal wear,  jeans or your favourite LBD. Large enough to store all of your day-to-night essentials, this gorgeous top handle bag is as functional as it is beautiful.

5. Nadia Top Handle Bag

nadia bag

The ultimate multitasker, choose this if you want a bag that can double for events and a day at the office. Add some polish to your day and night time looks with the super cute NADIA White Top Handle Bag. This stunningly minimal bag has plenty of room for a large smartphone, sunglasses and makeup essentials and includes a removable shoulder strap so you can switch to hands free at a moments' notice.