7 Best Ways To Store Handbags in 2024

how to store handbags

So you’ve just splashed the cash on an expensive new handbag to welcome in your new year, new you style. Before you go haphazardly leaving it lying around in your corridor, read this! Whether you’re looking for handbag organisation tips (hands up if you’ve got 5 bags currently on rotation!) or simply the best ways to store handbags to keep them looking schmick for longer, this is for you. Keep reading to find out our 7 top ways to store your handbags in 2024 now.

What ruins a handbag? 

When it comes to looking after your handbag properly, the aim is to protect it from the factors that lead to your bag ending up worse for wear. The main elements that destroy a handbag include: 

  • Sun exposure
  • General use 
  • Dust
  • Rain 
  • Humidity 

How to store designer handbags?

It’s no secret that handbags don’t last forever, especially if you’re using them everyday due to general wear and tear. But if you look after them properly, you can extend their lifespan by years! Not only will you save cash, but you’ll protect your handbag investment to get the best wear out of your purse.

How to store handbags and purses? 

organise handbags

No matter your storage space or handbag size, the last thing you want is extra clutter. In the spirit of Marie Kondo, we want to help you get your accessories looking spick and span so your wardrobe feels less of a disaster the next time you open it. Why not try organising your bags in one of these creative ways: 

1. Protective Dust Bag 

Did you know that all of our Olga Berg bags come with a protective dust bag? Before you throw it in the trash, why not hang onto it so you can keep your bag stored safely inside and looking newer for longer.

2. Storage Boxes

Prefer the sleek look of a box? They’re another great alternative to keep your bags protected and tucked away neatly either under your bed or in the wardrobe. Be sure to choose the right kind of material though, as not all are recommended for storing bags. You’ll want to ensure leather handbags in particular are still able to breathe through the box- so don’t opt for plastic in this instance! 

3. Hang on a coat stand 

Full marks for tidiness, this option works best if you’ve only got a couple handbags to store. Anymore than 3 bags on a coat stand and you’ll start to look like you’re about to open a shop to rival Olga Berg’s! We like this option when it comes to organising your bags, but just make sure no direct sunlight is hitting your coat stand or it will deteriorate the handbags. 

4. Walk in wardrobe shelves 

For those of us lucky enough to have every woman’s dream wardrobe (aka a walk-in robe!), then surely the best way to keep your shoulder bags, totes, and purses organised would be with a dedicated shelf inside your wardrobe. Keep your Olga Berg and designer handbags in their protective dust bags and sit them on your shelf for the best protection and organisation in-one. 

5. Vertical hanging on your bedroom door 

If you’re wondering how to store handbags in a small space, then this is a tip for you! All you need to do is attach a rack on the back of your bedroom door or a purse file, which ingeniously allows you to keep multiple handbags in line! 

6. Magazine racks 

This is a great idea if you’ve got limited wardrobe space but still want to keep your bags stashed away behind closed doors. Grab a couple of magazine racks from your local Ikea or similar and keep your bags tucked in between the racks. You can keep your protective dust bags over your bags for extra protection too.

7. In a bookcase 

Zero wardrobe space, no coat rack, and don’t like the vertical door option? No sweat! Why not clear out a shelf on your bookcase and store your bags there? For a more presentable option, it looks nice to arrange them without protective cases but the choice is yours. 

What to avoid when storing handbags? 

handbag storage

Feeling a little inspired to declutter your wardrobe and organise your space in style? Here’s some final tips on what to avoid doing when organising your bags to make sure you don’t end up damaging them in the process. 

1. Never store bags in plastic

Plastic boxes beware! This is a big no-no when it comes to most handbags but most importantly leather bags. If you’re wondering how to store leather handbags, never do this. The reason being is that leather can’t breathe in plastic so in a humid environment, it can lead to mold and mildew growth, which will both affect the longevity of your bag. The only exception to this rule is an acrylic bag. 

2. Don’t crush your handbag or it’ll lose its shape 

It’s an obvious point but an important one that you might forget in your rush to organise your space. The best thing to do is keep your bags full of things when not in use or even some tissue paper to puff it out. 

Ready to organise your handbag wardrobes? Take advantage of the protective dust bag that comes with every Olga Berg purchase to keep your bag looking fresh for longer.